Huawei negotiates the release of its CFO with the United States

Huawei is currently negotiating with the United States for the release of Meng Wanzhou, its financial director. Arrested at the end of 2018 in Canada, the businesswoman is accused of having sold products of American origin to Iranian firms in defiance of the embargo.


Remember: in December 2018, Meng Wanzhou, Huawei chief financial officer and daughter of Ren Zhengfei (founder of the Chinese group) was arrested in Canada at the request of the United States. Washington accuses the official of lying about the real ties between Huawei and Iran. The Chinese manufacturer would have violated the American embargo by supplying products of US origin to the country. An investigation carried out by Reuters also proves that Huawei has retained control over one of its former Iranian subsidiaries, Skycom Tech, in defiance of international sanctions.

The United States quickly filed an extradition request in order to transfer Meng Wanzhou in an American prison, causing a major diplomatic crisis between China and Canada. Under pressure, Canada finally released Ren Zhengfei’s daughter on bail of 6.6 million euros. However, Meng Wanzhou remained under strict surveillance. Under house arrest in Vancouver, she wears an electronic bracelet. Two years later, Meng Wanzhou has still not been extradited to the United States.

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An agreement before January 21, 2021?

According to information obtained by our colleagues at Reuters, Huawei is reportedly currently negotiating the release of its former CFO with Washington. The two sides are reportedly close to a deal that would allow Meng Wanzhou to return to China, more than two years after his arrest by Canadian mounted police.

The agreement provides for Meng Wanzhou to officially acknowledge the charges against him. The businesswoman will have to admit that Huawei illegally supplied equipment from the United States to an Iranian firm. So far, the accused has always refused to confess, complicating the work of her lawyers. Despite the evidence, she still claims her innocence. The United States Department of Justice and Meng Wanzhou’s attorneys still hope to achieve a compromise before January 21, 2021, date of the end of the Trump era. Asked by AFP, Huawei declined to comment on the case.

Source: Reuters