Huawei launches an on-board car system in China: out of stock in 1 minute!

Huawei started marketing on January 8, 2020 a new product called Huawei Car Smart Screen. Looking more like a smartphone than an auto GPS system, the product was so successful that it only took a minute to sell out all the available stock. The advantage of the product: to provide a traditional car with a modern and complete infotainment system. Presentations.

Huawei Smart Screen Car

Huawei realizes more and more forays into the automotive industry. Especially since the start of American sanctions which prevent it from relying on American technologies. Of course, these forays are particularly happening in China where the firm signs agreements with local brands to integrate its alternative to Android Auto called HiCar. This one is based on Harmony OS, of course. And several manufacturers, like Geely, have already signed with Huawei.

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One of those lesser-known forays is called Huawei Car Smart Screen. This is a infotainment system in “aftermarket”. This means that the system is not preinstalled in the car, but that it is positioned on the dashboard in addition. You could compare this to a more modern TomTom that would have greatly benefited technological advances in smartphones and on-board computers.

Out of stock one minute after the start of the sale

The product was presented in China on December 21 and had an eight-day pre-order period starting December 30, before its official commercial launch on January 8. Either this morning. It only tookone minute for Huawei to sell off all its stock. This is usually a good performance for an electronics product launch, although the story does not tell how many units were on sale.

But it is above all a very good signal for Huawei, which is rubbing shoulders here for the first time with a clientele of motorists. In addition, aftermarket systems have long been relegated to the bottom of the shelves electronics stores like Boulanger, replaced by smartphones, Waze and Google Maps. This craze is therefore very surprising.

huaweicar smart screen 1

However, the product seems complete and its price is attractive: 1700 yuan, or about 215 euros. Huawei Car Smart Screen looks like a large smartphone positioned horizontally. His Full HD + screen measures 8.9 inches with anti-reflective coating. It incorporates a rear camera for filming the road and a selfie sensor for video calls and gesture navigation. It naturally connects to EMUI to display information, notifications and some apps. It works of course with HiCar, the OS for on-board systems.

Source: HuaweiCentral