Huawei is building its new Play Store

Recently, a series of documents obtained by the well-known American newspaper Bloomberg reveals that the way well-known Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei has been trying in recent months, simply to trigger and promote its well-known application store, App Gallery, which could become the alternative app store to the Google Play Store that the brand’s devices acquired in early 2018.

Wow! Huawei is building its own game store

A series of documents obtained by the famous American newspaper Bloomberg reveals that the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has tried in recent months to launch and promote its famous app store App Gallery , which could become the alternative app store to Play store that the brand’s devices acquired in early 2018.

The company basically offered a series of developers the chance to publish their apps to this new store, which comes preinstalled in all of the brand’s Asian and European devices. In return, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei would help these companies to grow and promote their services in China , or Play Store is not functioning properly and where the diversity of app stores is greater.

According to the famous media portal, of course Bloomberg, the famous Chinese smartphone brand Huawei also had conversations with several operators, to whom he offered to share the revenue generated by the app gallery in exchange for the pre-installation of this store. in devices sold in its stores.

To simplify the integration of new “applications” into App Gallery , the famous Chinese smartphone brand Huawei has offered developers a series of tools that simply allow them to easily adapt their developments and make them work correctly without the intervention of Google Play.

The App Store of technology giant, Google, is the most popular all over the world because it offers a large category of services. The measure announced by the United States Department of Commerce Simply put at risk the activities of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, where they could not match the ecosystem of applications and services offered by its biggest competitors.

Although the famous Chinese smartphone maker Huawei operates on a alternative operating system to Android , a fact recognized by Richard yu , the final separation from Google would not be easy in the market, where the services of the American company, Google, enjoy a high company perception.

Therefore, it would not be easy to migrate apps from Google Play Store to App Gallery as many of their functions depend on Google’s private APIs that Huawei or the developer should seek an alternative to.

The situation is very different from that faced by the reputable Chinese smartphone maker in its home country, where Google services are blocked and where there is a greater diversity of platforms for application distribution . Replicating this model in Asia, Europe and the other Western markets in which it operates represents a major challenge for Chinese society.

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