Huawei is able to make a smartphone in just 27 seconds

Huawei is now able to produce a smartphone in just 27 seconds. In recent years, the Chinese manufacturer has drastically reduced the time required to produce a mobile phone. In 2015, it took Huawei factories 10 minutes to manufacture a smartphone.

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As part of a conference in Changsha (China), Shi Yaohong, vice president of Huawei, detailed the innovations made to the Chinese group’s production chain, report our colleagues at ITHome. “In 2015, Huawei took 10 minutes to produce one cell phone per production line. In 2020, Huawei produces a phone in just 27 seconds per production line ” proudly says Shi Yaohong.

Depending on the framework, these performances are the result of Huawei’s production philosophy : “One Cloud, Two Cores, Three Streams, and Four Technology” (ie “Un Nuage, Deux Coeurs, Trois Filières et 4 Technologies” in French). The manufacturer has made this philosophy the basis of his pyramid organization.

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How did Huawei manage to reduce the production time of its smartphones?

Concretely, Huawei relies on cloud technologies to optimize its production process. Thus, sourcing, research and development, manufacturing, sales and services are managed by the cloud. All the steps of the process work in symbiosis in the cloud, says Shi Yaohong. Via the Cloud, Huawei controls the flow of data provided by engineers and employees. Among the synchronized flows in the cloud are the flow of production information, flow of production process and flow of technical data relating to products.

To enable its organization to be as efficient as possible, Huawei is taking advantage of leading technologies such as the Internet of Things (IOT), big data (the processing of a large amount of data) and artificial intelligence. Clearly, artificial intelligence coordinates the way smartphones are produced on the basis of the data collected. Finally, Huawei affirms that its method is based on values ​​of excellence and intelligence.

Shi Yaohong also spoke about the personnel necessary for the production of a smartphone. “The Mate series needed 97 people per production line in 2015. Thanks to improved cost management, 14 people per production line are now sufficient” explains the manager. To learn more about how Huawei produces its terminals, we invite you to read this report produced in 2017 in the heart of a Huawei factory.

Source: ITHome