Huawei challenges Trump government ban, takes legal action

Huawei challenges Trump government ban, takes legal action

Lawyers for the Chinese firm have launched a legal offensive against the Trump administration. According to them, the decree signed by the American government is “unconstitutional”.

Image 1: Huawei challenges Trump government ban and takes legal action

Another blow in the Huawei affair. A lawyer for the Chinese telecommunications leader announced today that the company had asked the American justice to annul the decree which prohibits it from selling its equipment on the American soil. This decision which placed Huawei on a blacklist is judged “Tyrannical” and “Unconstitutional” by lawyers for the firm.

The group denounces in particular the fact that this sanction leaves Huawei no chance to provide evidence of its innocence. Recall that the Trump administration accuses Huawei of spying on its users on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. “The US government has provided no evidence that Huawei poses a security threat. “said one of the firm’s legal officials. The Trump government has not yet presented any concrete evidence to support these allegations.

The consequences of the ban have already started to cause serious damage to Huawei. Technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, ARM, Panasonic, Qualcomm and Intel have already cut ties with the Chinese group and the list keeps growing. The firm accuses the American president of simply wanting “Drive Huawei out of the US market”. According to his lawyers, “Manifest abuse of power as an exception to due process”. The economic war therefore turns into a judicial war and Huawei does not intend to lay down its arms anytime soon.

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