Image 1 : Affaire Huawei : Trump revient sur le bannissement

Huawei case: Trump returns to the ban

Image 1 : Affaire Huawei : Trump revient sur le bannissement

Another drama in the Huawei-Trump affair. After meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump has decided to lift some of the trade measures announced last month.

Image 1: Huawei case: Trump returns to the ban

The American President has finally decided toalleviate its sanctions against the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Following a meeting between the leaders of the two countries during the G20, negotiations seem to have started. The Chinese firm can take a break.

The ins and outs of this resumption of trade ties remain somewhat vague for the time being. Donal Trump has however officially announced that he lifted its measure banning American companies from buying equipment from Huawei. “American companies can sell their equipment to Huawei. We are talking about equipment that does not pose a major national security problem ”, did he declare. However, he did not specify which types of equipment were affected.

Freezing of customs taxes

The American President is also reversed its decision to increase customs taxes on products imported from China. This turnaround does not, however, completely end Washington’s suspicions. Huawei will remain blacklisted for now established by the United States Department of Commerce and Labor.

Since the sanctions were announced last May, many companies have announced that they will cease trading with the Chinese tech giant. Others have started to express their dissatisfaction with these bans which could cause serious economic damage. What consequences will this reduction have on the technology market? We will have to wait for the next few days to have announcements more concrete. The G20 seems in any case to have considerably eased the tensions between Washington and Beijing.