Huawei can also supply Apple with 5G modems for the iPhone 2020 [maj]

Huawei can also supply Apple with 5G modems for the iPhone 2020 [maj]

huawei iphone apple isoftWhile it is whispered louder and louder than Apple is really struggling to find the supplier capable of producing the 200 million modems for the future iPhone 12 of 2020 compatible with 5G, Huawei makes an unexpected announcement.

Whoever is now at the level of Apple in terms of smartphone sales reaches out to him.

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Huawei modems in the iPhone 12?

Huawei ready to supply 5G chip, says Engadget Balong 5000 Apple, and she alone.

For the record, Intel would not be able to produce modems meeting the requirements of the apple, Samsung could not keep up with the quantity and Qualcomm, which may, is in disrepair with the Tim band.

Will we see an iPhone with Huawei sauce? Not sure but you never know! Apple is in any case working on its own chips …

Confirmation from Huawei boss

Updated 04/15/19 : Huawei's founding boss, Ren Zhengfei, confirmed these CNBC rumors by explaining that his company was at Apple's disposal in the event that the latter wanted to supply its home for iPhone 5G modems. A great initiative that should not see the light of day given the criticism of the Chinese company, especially in the United States with charges of spying.

Finally, Zhengfei took the opportunity to praise the merits of Apple which is a great business , as well as Steve Jobs, According to him, Jobs was great not because he made Apple, but because he created an era, that of the mobile Internet. (…)
To say he was great is an understatement. I think it was more than awesome.