Huawei announces the opening of its first factory in France

Huawei has just announced the opening of its first production plant in France. Soon to be established in Brumath, in the east of the country, this first infrastructure of this ilk outside of China will notably produce equipment intended for 5G networks.


Despite US sanctions against it, Huawei has announced plans to open a production plant in Brumath in the Grand-Est region. Already mentioned at the end of 2019, this plant will produce 5G network equipment for the Chinese group’s European customers. Deprived of part of its American suppliers, Huawei is forced to improvise.

Firstly, Huawei’s French plant will employ 300 people. At the start of the year, the firm was counting on the creation of 500 jobs as soon as it opened. The restrictions initiated by Washington have visibly forced the group to revise its ambitions downwards. Since the first announcements, Huawei has in fact been excluded from the deployment of 5G in several European nations, including the United Kingdom and Sweden. In France, operators have been ordered to get rid of Huawei’s network equipment by 2028. All ISPs in France, Bouygues, SFR, Free and Orange, are concerned.

Huawei sets up in France

Anyway, the site represents a minimum investment of 200 million euros and will produce for 1 billion euros in network equipment, details the Chinese firm. “We are very happy with this cooperation with the urban community of Haguenau and the Grand-Est region, which reinforces our commitment in France” congratulates himself Linda han, General Delegate of Huawei in France. In Europe, Huawei already has 23 research and development centers, more than 100 partner universities and more than 3,100 suppliers. Thanks to this first factory in the heart of Europe, Huawei is seeking to compete with Nokia and Ericsson, two rival equipment manufacturers, on their own ground.

Unfortunately for Huawei, the opening of the factory will not make it possible to influence France’s position on the side of 5G. “No, that doesn’t change the French government’s position on 5G one iota” declared Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy of France. Huawei’s equipment therefore remains persona non grata in France, despite promises of job creation.