Huawei announces record sales despite US sanctions

Huawei announces record sales despite US sanctions

The rotating president of Huawei has just announced a record turnover of more than 108 billion euros this year. However, he does not hide his concern at the American sanctions which endanger the prosperity and even the survival of the company.

Image 1: Huawei announces record sales despite US sanctions

On the occasion of his New Year’s greetings, Erix Xu, the president of Huawei announced a turnover of more than 108 billion euros this year. Although the figure is lower than expected, the Chinese group sets a new record with a 18% increase. This year, Huawei had to do without Google services on its latest smartphones, but the company managed to sell 240 million mobiles against 206 million last year.

US embargo would jeopardize Huawei’s survival

The president of the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, however, marked his worry about the future the company. The American authorities have indeed decided to place Huawei on a black list which prohibits the company from selling its products and from maintaining commercial relations with American firms. Xu specifies that if the American sanctions were to be prolonged, they would place the Chinese giant in a hard situation to “survive and prosper”.

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With regard to the 5G, however, the accusations of espionage by the American authorities do not seem to convince. Despite the pressure from the United States on its European partners, Huawei is still in the race for the deployment of 5G. At best Washington will have obtained from France a law called ” Huawei lawWhich forces operators to authorize 5G equipment before installing it.

In October, the Trump administration used the same strategy during an official visit by its Minister of Commerce to India. He said he hoped the country “would not inadvertently expose itself to untoward security risks”. Recommendations that will have had no effect sinceNew Delhi has just authorized Huawei to participate in the first tests of 5G.

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Source: TechCrunch