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HTC Vive Pro will be supported by macOS Mojave

HTC Vive Pro will be supported by macOS Mojave

During WWDC, Apple confirmed that it would support the new HTC Vive Pro headset with macOS Mojave.

long live pro

As we know, virtual reality has never been stronger than the apple. However, the Apple computer glove has made some efforts recently to integrate this technology into its ecosystem.

With macOS Mojave, it will add support for HTC's new Vive Pro. Knowing that HTC is positioned as number 2 in the segment of virtual reality, just behind Oculus, it was essential that Apple support this platform, especially since it is the most popular model on Steam , which remains, remember, the largest platform for PC game downloads.

Apple explained during WWDC that it had worked closely with HTC to make this model compatible with its Macs.

Be careful however, you will have to wait for the deployment of the final version of macOS Mojave to take advantage of it, the support being so absent from the bta version currently available.