5.5 inch and 4G smartphone with Android Lollipop 110 euros

HTC delays the update of some smartphones and points the finger at Google

In the middle of last week, we announced the deployment of the Android Lollipop update on the One M8 smartphone. A positive signal for the owners of the different variants of the One M8 and One M7. But now the Taiwanese manufacturer talks about an arrival on other smartphones that will take longer than expected.

HTC One M8 sticker HTC One M8 smartphone (click to enlarge)

According to Mo Versi, a senior group official, the fault would go to Google who took a long time to fix the bugs on his side, those that appeared during the launch of the Android Lollipop system. As a reminder, the latter has known two patches since version 5.0, with the versions 5.0.1 and 5.0.2.

Once the problems are solved, he must indeed time to integrate your own graphic overlay Sense, which inevitably shifts the deployment on its own devices. In short, we will have to be patient with the users …

The new features and improvements specific to Android Lollipop revolve around a new notification manager, Factory Reset Protection / Kill Switch security modules and better autonomy thanks to the Volta project.