How to watch the solar clipse of March 20, 2015 without glasses

How to watch the solar clipse of March 20, 2015 without glasses

Why a tutorial on a lunar clip on AndroidPIT? Because we have a solution that benefits your smartphone! You know, to watch a clip directly, you need special glasses, which are only used once every 5 or 10 years. As there is better investment, do not miss our guide: how to look at the solar clipse without glasses.

solar eclipse
How to watch the eclipse of March 20, 2015 without special glasses?
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The solar clipse of March 20th

The facts: the clip will take place tomorrow Friday March 20 between 9 and 12 o'clock. The exact hours depend on your region, you can refer the following map to know the optimal time of observation of the clipse:

solar eclipse france
The clip is observable throughout France, and in most of Europe. IMCCE
eclipse 20 march
The map shows the countries from which the clip is visible. IGN

How to watch the clipse without glasses

Do not look at the clipse without glasses! We have the trick not to miss anything without having to buy a pair of special glasses. The idea is any case, just look at the clip through your smartphone.

Let me explain: launch the camera app, switch to selfie mode (or front camera) and you clip it without glasses! Take the opportunity to spam your followers on Instagram and Twitter with all your selfies!

Try focusing on the Sun before, the management of brightness can give a twist to your smartphone. Do not hesitate to play with the settings and activate the HDR mode if you have an overview in real time.

What do you think of this trick?

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