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How to watch Netflix with friends in real time

Say we love a movie or TV show while watching it with friends or family member. Movies and TV shows are more fun when we watch them with our friends and as this is a trend in online streaming, it is now quite possible to share the watching experience with others. other. If we are talking about video streaming services, Netflix is ​​the most popular and is used by millions of users.

If you have been using Netflix for a while, be aware that Netflix does not provide any functionality to watch video content with distant friends. So, in this article, we have decided to share 5 best ways to watch Netflix with distant friends or family. Let’s see How to Watch Netflix Together Remotely Online 2019.

How to watch Netflix with friends in real time

Below, we have listed 4 best ways to watch Netflix with friends in real time on PC. Not only that, but we also shared a method to stream videos with friends from Android and iOS as well.

# 1 Netflix Party

Well, Netflix Party is one of the best and best Google Chrome extensions that can be used to watch Netflix with friends. To watch Netflix with distant friends, users need to create a session. Creating sessions and adding friends is easy. However, users can only add people who have a live Netflix subscription. So Netflix Party is one of the best ways to watch Netflix with friends far away.

# 2 Watch2Gether

Well, Watch2Gether is one of the best and best web media player that allows users to access content from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Soundcloud. To start a video session, users must create a private room and invite friends. To start streaming, users need to paste the Netflix URL into the private room window. Watch2Gether also have an extension for Google Chrome and the Firefox browser. So Watch2Gether is another best way to watch Netflix with friends.

# 3 Kast

Another best desktop app that can be used to watch videos with friends is Kast, formerly Rabbit. The great thing about Kast is that it supports a wide range of streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Users just need to watch the Netflix video on the Kast web app or web portal and share the streaming link. Anyone who joins can watch the show.

# 4 Scener

Scener is a Google Chrome extension quite similar to the Netflix Party extension which has been listed above. On Scener, you need to sign in with your Netflix account and share your unique link with your friends to invite them to watch Netflix with you. What’s more interesting is that Scener also offers video, voice, and text chat features. So Scener is another best chrome extension for watching Netflix with distant friends.

Watch Netflix with Friends – Android and iOS

Well if you don’t have access to the computer and want to watch Netflix with friends then you have to use the Rave app. Rave is available for Android and iOS and it is one of the best apps for having fun with friends.

With Rave, all you need to do is create a private room in the app. The room must be joined by friends or other members. Once logged in, you can stream the Netflix video. What’s more useful is that Rave also offers users live voice and text messaging options.

Not only Netflix, but you can also stream videos from YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, Viki, etc. with Rave. So if you want to stream Netflix content with friends then Rave might be the best choice for you.

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So here are the 4 best ways to watch Netflix online from a distance. Most of the web tools and services listed in this article are free. If you know of any other method to watch Netflix with friends, let us know in the box below. Hope this article has helped you share it with others.