How to use your Apple Watch as a flashlight

Let’s take a look at the method for use your Apple Watch as a flashlight by using the simple trick that can help you when you need an emergency flashlight. So take a look at the full guide below.

SmartWatches have completely taken over the world and people are now drawn to using these kinds of watches rather than other functional watches. This concept of adding Smartphone functions to a watch and doing the collaboration between these two devices is really amazing. Convenience levels were increased and users were able to check notifications on the smartwatch only. Apart from some of the main functions like call acceptance, camera shooting and message as well as time tracking, the smartwatch could even be used as a flashlight in low light conditions or darkness. By default in Apple watch the flashlight function is not available to activate the flashlight function, it is necessary to process a certain method. In this article, we have just provided you with the option to make the changes to the smartwatch and thus gain the flashlight function. Go ahead and read this article to familiarize yourself with this topic in the article!

How to use your Apple Watch as a flashlight

The method is quite simple and you just need to follow the step by step below to get an idea of ​​how you can use your Apple Watch as a flashlight in need.

Steps to use your Apple Watch as a flashlight:

# 1 To start with the method, you need to wake up the Apple Watch at the very beginning. After that you will have to slide over of the watch screen. This would increase the control center panel inside the watch making it easier to find a number of settings as well as available options.

# 2 Using this quick control center, you should look for the option Flash light . Display this option on the screen and tap it to activate it instantly.

# 3 You might think that since there is no flashlight inside the Apple Smartwatch then how would the flashlight activate after the above settings or steps. The answer for the same is that by turning the option above, you will get the changes on the watch screen where it would turn into light reflecting display . The light that is emitted through the smartwatch would be enough to illuminate the large area around.

# 4 To stop the flashlight, just pull the screen over again and this should reject the flashlight or the bright screen. Normally make use of the screen swipe gesture and that’s all you would need!

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