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How to use two apps simultaneously on your smartphone screen?

You can literally do two things at once.

Learn how to split your screen in half on your smartphone to launch multiple apps side by side.

split screen smartphone two applications

Are you watching the latest hype series and would like to be able to share your hot impressions on Twitter and Facebook? Or would you like to be able to do this Raid 4 on Pokemon Go by launching a second account? Fortunately, Android has evolved and now allows you to split your screen.

First, make sure you have a pretty powerful phone. Cheap phones are generally not very powerful and do not support multitasking (slowdowns and crashes).

Start by launching the first application you want to use. Then press the square button to bring up the list of open apps on your phone.

list of current apps smartphone

You will see that at the top of each window there are three options: close, lock and split the screen. So tap the screen split icon.

split smartphone screen

Once selected, you will see a separator in blue in the middle of your screen. You can adjust it up or down. Once the correct separation size has been defined, launch the second app from the second part of the screen (below if you hold your phone vertically).

It’s over, you can enjoy your two apps simultaneously. Note that you can readjust the size of the two zones at any time and that the manipulation also works in horizontal mode which is sometimes more comfortable.

dual application smartphone

Finally be aware that some applications refuse to operate other than in full screen mode. This is the case of the Netflix app for example.

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