How to use Spotify music as a wake-up call on your Android smartphone?

How to use Spotify music as a wake-up call on your Android smartphone?

The smartphone has succeeded to replace many devices of our everyday life: watches, cameras, mp3 players … The alarms are not an exception but there is a limitation: the music used to wake up must be recorded on the smartphone. Google offers an alternative. We explain how. Simple, fast and without burrs!

Want to hear your favorite song while waking up, but you have no idea how to go about it? There are many applications of clocks and clocks, but according to the saying "one is never better served than by oneself", Google has decided to update its own application Google Clock to offer a feature very expected: the ability to use Spotify as a wake-up call.

You do not use Spotify but YouTube Music? This is a Google service so its application will obviously be compatible with its application, do not worry, it will just wait a little.

Allow to choose the alarm clock with Spotify is an excellent idea

How to use Spotify music as a wake-up call on your Android smartphone?

How to proceed? You simply need at least version 5.3 of Google Clock, you can normally find it on the Play Store (it was at least the case with my Xperia XZ2 Compact), but if it is not the case you can to download it without problem on APKMirror. To install an APK, I invite you to read this tutorial.

Simply create your alarm by opening the app, enter the Alarm category and then tap on Default ringtone, a new window will open. On the left, you find the series of his prinstalls by the manufacturer and other files that you can add manually if they are in your smartphone. On the right, you will see Spotify: the application asks you to associate the two services, accept and the day is played.

androidpit clock spotify
The configuration is a breeze. AndroidPIT

You will be able to access recently played music as well as various suggestions. Click on the song you want to choose (this can also be a playlist), if you need to use the magnifying glass to search. you will see a small blue notch for validation. It's over, you've chosen your ringtone on Spotify!

It's simple, is not it? Have you had problems?

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