mac split view Comment utiliser Split View avec un Mac

How to use Split View with a Mac

mac split view How to use Split View with a Mac

Split View is better known on the iPad than on the Mac. However, this functionality exists since OS X El Capitan. In other words, it does not date from yesterday. Are you one of those who do not know? We make you discover.

Split View on Mac and iPad

On iPad, before all these new features, it was the only way to have 2 applications opened at the same time.

On Mac, the problem is less posed since you are not obliged to open your windows in full screen. This is an advantage, but can quickly become anarchy on your desktop.

Split View on Mac allows you to have 2 full screen windows on the same desktop, the same screen. As with a window in full screen, this creates a new office.

In this case, you cannot add a new application to it.

step 1: activate Split View

To activate Split View on Mac, you must have at least 2 open windows. It does not matter if they are 2 windows of the same application or not.

We will regularly talk about the round buttons at the top left of each window. They will often be named by their color.

Once Split View is activated, you can change the office as usual. as a whole office, your configuration will remain the same.

1.1. You have no application in full screen

Without any window in full screen, make sure that your 2 windows are open on the same desk. Then:

1.1.1. Hover or hold down the green circle;

1.1.2. Choose Place the left window of the screen or Place the right window of the screen ;

mac split view fenetre1 How to use Split View with a Mac

1.1.3. Select the window that will be on the other side.

mac split view fenetre2 How to use Split View with a Mac

Your windows are now both in full screen, one beside the other, forming a separate office.

On Windows, this is like swinging the window to one side or the other of the screen.

1.2. You already have an application in full screen

You will be able to add a window to an office containing a window in full screen.

1.2.1. Access Mission Control as usual;

1.2.2. Slide a window to the one already in full screen.

mac split view mission control How to use Split View with a Mac

It's an equally simple method to activate Split View on Mac.

step 2: change the size of the windows

When you activate Split View, you will notice that the 2 windows separate the screen on the same side.

Know that you can define the size of your windows. However, keep in mind that the goal is to separate your screen in 2. Even if you define the size of your windows, only 2 may be present. Enlarge the moon size, automatically reduce the size of the other.

To define their size, you just have to do drag the slider between the 2 windows.

mac split view size How to use Split View with a Mac

Step 3: Quit Split View on Mac

You can exit Split View in several ways, depending on your end goal.

You can close one of the 2 windows with the red circle. It is certain that you will no longer be in Split View. However, the remaining window will be in full screen, alone.

The key Escape or Esc quits full screen mode. In the case of Split View, only the active window will no longer be in full screen. This comes back to clicking on the green circle.

If your goal is to exit Split View without closing a window or leave one in full screen, it's possible.

3.1. Access Mission Control;

3.2. Hover over the office with the 2 windows, as if you are going to close or delete this office;

3.3. instead of a cross appears a sign indicating the stop of Split View, the separation of the 2 windows. Click on it.

mac split view stop How to use Split View with a Mac

The 2 windows will regain their original size on the nearest desk.

mac split view finished How to use Split View with a Mac

step 4: shortcuts, change office and Mission Control

When Split View is activated, your usual shortcuts remain unchanged.

You can :

4.1. Change applications with cmd+tab ;

4.2. Access Mission Control with the trackpad, swiping upwards with 3 or 4 fingers;

4.3. Change offices using your trackpad, swiping 3 or 4 fingers to the left or right;

4.4. Access Mission Control with ctrl ^+ ;

4.5. Change office with ctrl ^+ or ctrl ^+.

If you are having trouble with the shortcuts, check that they are activated.

4.6. For gestures with the trackpad, open System Preferences then Trackpad ;

4.7. For keyboard shortcuts, go System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control.

mac keyboard shortcuts mission control How to use Split View with a Mac

Do you use Split View on Mac? Do you find it useful or practical?

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