How to use Live View, increasing navigation in Google Maps?

How to use Live View, increasing navigation in Google Maps?

Unveiled last year, Live View is a pedestrian navigation system allowing the user to display his route in increased reality.

Thanks to Google Street View images, machine learning and smartphone sensors, Live View is able to show the user the right direction in increasing reality.

Still in the testing phase, this function uses the smartphone's camera to display the street screen and indicate the direction to follow. In the coming months, Google should further improve its functionality by making it possible to quickly see the direction and distance separating you from a desired location.

Here's how to get step-by-step pedestrian navigation, in reality increasing.

1. Start a route

Open Google Maps on your smartphone then, in tab discover, find the place you want to go to. Then press the button itinerary and select the piton mode represented by the icon of a small character.

2. Activate Live View

Once the piton mode is activated, a button Live View should appear in the lower pane of the application. Press it to open it and point the camera of your smartphone towards the buildings and panels around you.

3. Navigate in augmented reality

Google Maps should display flicker like when using Google Lens.

Once the application recognizes the location, the directional indications should automatically be displayed. You just have to walk and follow the direction indicated to see the following signs scroll down to your point of arrival.