How to use Instagram stories

How to use Instagram stories

What is a story?

Launched by Snapchat, the feature story allows the user to share one or more photos (or videos) and make them visible to the contacts during an indeterminate duration. Having won the hearts of the public, she quickly found her way to other applications: Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp.

The user can "tinker" with the content he wants to share in his story by adding, for example, filters on the images to get a little crazy effects. Thus, Instagram proposed for Halloween a filter to zoom, adding the image a little suspenseful music.

AndroidPIT instagram 8627
It may be Instagram, but the story is a feature of Snapchat. AndroidPIT

How to create a story?

The first question to ask is obviously the content: what do we want to show in our story? You have two options: photos or videos. Do not worry, in both, it's very simple. First of all, enter the story creation mode: start Instagram and at the top left, below News, you will find your photo + a +. Next, you will find the stories of your friends.

You now arrive the Instagram camera. You will find a flash and a button to change the camera (move from the back to the front or vice versa), in short nothing very good. The operating mode is simple: by pressing the shutter you will take a picture, keeping pressed will start recording a video. Once done, you validate and you will arrive a new menu that will show you "Your story" or send. This second menu will allow you to send the content one (or more) contact (s) in particular, or simply to use it as a story if you had not chosen this option in the previous menu.

How to add filters (actually increases) a story?

Reality is not enough for some users, so Instagram offers them to improve it. You can use filters that will provide different results. When you take your picture or your video, you will find the right of the camera change symbol a shortcut that will open the world of reality increases. Then you choose the filter that interests you: ears and nose dog, hearts, sunglasses etc …

For one reason or another, you may want to change the color: maybe yellowing, bluing or even black and white? After making your photo, simply swipe with your finger on your photo and you will see the colors change.

androidpit instagram filter halloween
Scary filters appeared with Halloween. AndroidPIT

How to add elements a story?

Let's go back to the stage where you take your picture: the picture is taken and you see at the top of the icons. The symbol Aa allows you obviously to add text (the size can be configured left of the screen), the pencil allows you to draw (color and shapes of the brushes customizable), and the remaining symbol allows you to add a picture your photo (hat, glasses, emojis etc).

How to use other modes?

All that we have seen so far is in "normal" mode, which is the default mode when you take your photos / videos. Look below, you will see other possibilities. On the left, the "live" mode which, as its name suggests, allows you to broadcast content in real time.

On the right, you will find the Boomerang mode. This mode records a very short video that passes in a loop, which gives the screen a result a little similar to the .GIF. The Superzoom mode is introduced with Halloween, it is a double zoom and adds a little music. If you've been to the era of magntoscopes, you can guess what the term "Rewind" means: your video is showing from the end to the beginning. As for the latter, hands-free mode, it is less original than the others since it allows "simply" to take video without having to keep pressing the button.

androidpit instagram modes
Several modes are available, Boomerang is probably the most used. AndroidPIT

How to use a photo record instead of making a new one?

A pimple pushed you on the nose during the night? No problem, you can always make a story but your photo must have been taken in the last 24 hours. On the screen of the camera, drag from bottom to top at the bottom end of the screen, you will see your last pictures appear.

How to tag a user on a photo?

If you want to be sure that one of your friends sees the photo or video in your story, you can simply tag it. It works the way of Twitter: just put @ then his nickname Instagram using text mode. He will then be informed.

This is practical but has some limitations because you may not want someone you do not follow to tag you on a photo, especially because anyone could then access your profile from the photo in question. Rest assured, the Instagram team has thought about it: if that happens, you will receive a notification that will allow you to validate the tag.

androidpit instagram story tag
You can add text and tag your friends. AndroidPIT

How to save or share stories?

You have created a story that is so beautiful that you want to keep it? This is not a problem, you can save it. At the moment you see the option to send your photo / video to one of your contacts or to the stories, you will also find a button allowing you to save it.

You can also share your stories on Facebook automatically. Just go to the options and, at the bottom, you have to tick "Share your story on Facebook".

androidpit instagram share save
You can download your Story or share it on Facebook. AndroidPIT

How to see who's watching my story?

It's very simple. Just click on your story, you will find on the bottom left the nickname of the people who saw your story.

androidpit instagram story views
You can easily see who has your story. AndroidPIT

Do you use stories on Instagram? Or on Snapchat?

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