How to use Google's .new extension to quickly open documents online

How to use Google's .new extension to quickly open documents online

Just over a year ago, Google launched a new .new domain extension. Combined with Google tools, this new domain extension makes it possible to launch a specific action on a service, by simply entering the URL of the domain ending with .new in the address bar of a browser.

Recently, Google, through its Google Registry service, which allows domain names to be registered, has extended the possibility of using the .new extension of third-party services.

Platforms that wish can therefore benefit from their .new domain to allow their users to launch a precise action using a simple URL. Here are all the shortcuts to know.

Google tools

The .new extension allows you to quickly open a certain number of documents using various Google Suite tools. To function, however, you will need to ensure that you are already connected to your Google Account.

Third-party tools

The opening of the .new extension to third-party services allows them to offer their users shortcuts to launch an action quickly.

Again, you will need to be connected to the various services beforehand for the use of the .new URL to work immediately.

If this selection of .new URLs is currently restricted, other services should quickly use this new domain extension.

Microsoft should for example activate the domain soon to allow users to open a new document in Office online.