How to use Gmail offline

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients today, with millions of subscribers using it for personal and business purposes. Previously, it was not possible to use Gmail offline to read and compose messages, but Google eventually enabled the option to use Gmail offline.

This allows users to synchronize messages, compose new messages, and read messages even if the device is not connected to the Internet. This feature should improve the productivity of users who need to access their Gmail accounts on the go or in places where there is no reliable internet connection.

How to use Gmail offline

If you haven’t enabled offline mode in your Gmail until now, here is the step-by-step guide to help you set up offline mode in Gmail using the desktop website:

Classic Gmail:

If you are using classic Gmail and have not upgraded to the latest version, you need to follow the steps below to use Gmail offline:

1. Log into the Chrome Store and download the app Gmail offline .2. Now tap on the “Add to Chrome” option and follow the onscreen instructions. Then select the application from the list of shortcuts. 3. Next, you need to select the option “Allow offline mail” and then press “Continue”. 4. You can now access your Gmail account offline by opening the app from the Chrome Store. 5. Now you need to tap on the settings option towards the top right corner and set the option for the number of messages you want to download. 6. Gmail offline is not configured and you can use it for all essential functions. But you have to remember that you can access Gmail offline app from Chrome only.

New Gmail:

If you are using the new Gmail then you need to follow the steps mentioned below to enable Gmail offline option:

1. Open your Gmail account in a new tab on Chrome.2. Now click on the gear option and then select the settings menu. 3. Under the General tab, select the option “Offline” and activate it.4. Now you need to select the duration for which you need the offline mails (30,60 or 90 days) and also whether you need the offline attachments. 5. You can also set the option to store emails on your PC for convenient access, but this option can lead to vulnerability of your messages. Now save the changes and your offline Gmail account is ready to use.

Being able to use Gmail offline is a handy option if you need to access your mail regularly but don’t have a stable internet connection.