macbook pro Comment utiliser Force Touch sur le trackpad du Mac

How to use Force Touch on the Mac trackpad

macbook pro How to use Force Touch on the Mac trackpad

With the 2nd generation trackpad, Force Touch arrived in early 2015 on OS X then macOS. This trackpad is available both on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as by purchasing the Magic Trackpad 2. In addition to the multi gestures that we know with the classic trackpad, Force Touch brings several additional functionalities. Let's see how to use Force Touch with the trackpad 2e generation on Mac.

1. The trackpad and forced click settings

The end of this 2nd generation trackpad is precisely the forced click. To take advantage of it, you must verify that it is active:

1.1. Go> System Preferences > Trackpad ;

1.2. Stay on tab Point and click ;

1.3. Check Force click and tactile feedback.

Other settings are available on this screen. You can define which gesture (forced or not click and number of fingers) is active:

  • Data search and detection;
  • Secondary click;
  • Touch to click.

Finally, there are 2 settings which are more for your comfort:

  • Click : define the pressure to apply for the click;
  • Displacement : choose the speed of the cursor movement.

You cannot test this click if the trackpad is not powered (dyed laptop, Magic Trackpad without battery). There will be no haptic feedback.

macos trackpad settings How to use Force Touch on the Mac trackpad

2. Force Touch features of the Mac trackpad

The action resulting in a forced click depends on the application and where it is used. It brings more real, can be considered as a shortcut or faster access.

  • Research on part of a text, whether it comes from an e-mail or from a website, for more information. The information comes mainly from the Dictionary app and Wikipdia;
  • Locate an address (in a document, an email, etc.) by opening Maps;
  • Add to calendar events from a date or events;
  • Preview a link by forcibly clicking on a link, regardless of its source;
  • Track your shipments, packages, a bit like on iOS, with a forced click on the tracking number so that a popup window gives you more information;
  • Preview the contents of a file, a bit like using the space bar;
  • Rename a file in the Finder;
  • Show all windows an application from the dock;
  • Activate Annotation on an attachment to an email in Mail;
  • Open Details of a conversation in Messages from the sidebar;
  • View reminder details ;
  • View event details ;
  • Place a marker on Maps;
  • Increase reading speed on QuickTime;
  • Increase zoom forward or backward on the zoom map buttons;
  • Travel faster your albums using the forced click on the arrows.

Actions also exist for iMovie or GarageBand.

magic trackpad 2 How to use Force Touch on the Mac trackpad

There are also many features that make the trackpad vibrate to warn you of an action. For example, when you rotate Maps and arrive in the North or after cropping a photo and then rotate your photo, the vibration will occur when the angle arrives at 0.

These are non-exhaustive features available with native macOS applications, but other applications can also bring their own actions.

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