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How to use an Android application on a PC?

Windows is omnipresent on PCs, but on smartphones, Android is predominant. The majority of users Finds himself therefore juggling between different operating systems, depending on their devices.

We will present two techniques to work around this problem, the use of emulators and virtualization software.

Use Android apps and games on Windows

Thanks to free emulator BlueStacks, you can use your apps and Iux Android preferred on your PC. To do this, sign up by logging in to your Google Account, then download the applications to your PC.

This mulator is very practical because it integrates the Google Play Store.

Be aware, however, that games may not display clearly, since they have a specific resolution for mobile devices.

In addition, if your PC screen is not touchscreen, you will not be able to zoom in or out.

YouWave and KoPlayer are two other free emulators that are worth the detour. KoPlayer is more intended for gamers, make sure your graphics card is compatible with OpenGL 2.0 for better 2D and 3D rendering.

Use Windows programs on Android

To use Windows programs on an Android smartphone or tablet, you need virtualization software.

The latter will simulate your operating system so that you can control your PC from your smartphone.

Access will be via a WiFi or 4G connection, this must be powerful enough for better remote use.

Finally, your PC should imperatively stay on, so remember to deactivate the Standby option.

To carry out this operation, we offer the free application Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Before installing it on your Android, know which is only compatible with Windows 7 (Pro, Enterprise and Integral), Windows 8 (Pro and Enterprise) and Windows 10 Pro. Alas, the application is not suitable for Family editions.

(Remote Desktop System Settings)

Otherwise, you can use the free emulator CrossOver (in English) from Codeweavers. It allows you to launch Windows programs on Android, exclusively devices with an x86 processor.

For optimal use, prefer a tablet to a smartphone.

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