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How to upload all your photos to Google Photos in minutes

How to upload all your photos to Google Photos in minutes

Google Photos is a great service offered by Google for backing up and storing your photos in the cloud. It allows Google users (and therefore many Android users) to keep an unlimited number of photos and videos. The problem is, if you want to download a lot of photos from Google Photos, the process takes a long time. Fortunately, there is a simple method to get there.

Updating Google Photos: Between Difficulties and New Features

Last November, the Androidheadlines site was one of the first sites to inform us of new features in Google Photos. It was a carousel of shortcuts which should facilitate the management and classification of photos. This carousel should also facilitate the selection of a photo to display it in the image viewer. Concretely, users would continue to access the old features of Google Photos more easily. They would only have to press the usual three-dot menu or slide their finger from the bottom to the top of the screen in order to see a carousel of shortcuts appear. This carousel would then contain cones to add a photo to the album, move it to the archive of your choice, save it on the device or start printing.

Under the carousel, we would see the date and time when the photo was taken as well as a short space to add or modify its description. We would also distinguish all the geolocation data, including a map indicating exactly where the photo was taken. We would finally see at the bottom of the map important details on the photo such as references on the camera used to take the photo.

What was announced in November as "a last update chain" and shortcuts in line with the logic of Google's Material Theming has since encountered difficulties. If you follow user reviews on social media or on Google Play's own site, there are an interesting number of critics who deserve to be highlighted. Users report two major difficulties in use. The first concerns problems encountered when managing photos from smartphones working on Android (photos erased on the phone, obligation to store photos only on Google Photos, slowness, synchronization, etc.). The second is rather a review on the Google Cloud and on the problem of privacy of personal data (you cannot create albums on the internal device of the phone, etc.). However, as with all software reviews, there are a very large number of very satisfied users.

Google Takeout solves your problem

Currently, if you want to upload your photos saved to Google Photos, you have to select the images one by one. You can select them as a group by clicking on the different dates, which speeds up the selection process. Let's face it: this is far from being a practical method.

Rest assured, the firm of Moutain View offers a free tool that allows you to download all the content of your account if you wish. This miracle software is called Google Takeout.

Google Photos is one of the best services to backup photos on Android

Google Takeout, as explained above, is a tool that allows you to download an archive containing the entire contents of an account. The online application is responsible for creating an archive which will save locally on your PC your data taken from Google Photos, Contacts, Maps, YouTube …

To download your photos, you must therefore follow the following steps:

  • Make sure you are logged into your Google account and then head over to Google Takeout.
androidpit FR download google photos
Google Takeout is compatible with many services. ANDROIDPIT

At the opening, you will have the possibility to create an archive. You will then see all the services offered by Google. You will also note that all services have been selected by default.

  • So first click on Select nothing to change that.
  • Select Google Photos
  • Click Next at the bottom of the page
androidpit FR download google photos 2
Be sure to select Google Photos. ANDROIDPIT
  • Now choose the format of the archive you wish to receive. 3 options are proposed: .zip; .tgz e .tbz. Note that generally, for Windows users, it is easier to use the .zip file
androidpit FR download google photos 3
Choose the format of the desired file. ANDROIDPIT
  • Select the sending method you want (by email, Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive)
  • Then click on Create archive
  • The service now prepares your archive. Depending on the number of photos you have saved, this process may take a few minutes. So go have a coffee or watch a series. When everything is ready, you will receive an e-mail.

Make sure to save your images with Google Photos

As I explained in the introduction, Google Photos is one of the best services for backing up your photos on Android. One of its advantages is that it is installed by default on all Android smartphones.

It is possible to automatically upload an image taken with your smartphone and the application is very pleasant to use with a clean and minimalist interface conforming to Material Design. The service also has an efficient web interface, as well as applications for other operating systems such as iOS.

google PHOTOS 1 2
Google Photos is one of the best services to save photos on Android. ANDROIDPIT

Google Photos also offers very useful features. For example, if you take a lot of photos in the same place or at the same time, the application creates animations with the best images, videos or collages that you can share on social networks. All this automatically.

Do you use Google Photos? Have you ever tried to upload all of your photos?

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