How to unlock iPhone for free

Unlock, unlock or unlock your iPhone makes you nervous? However, it is legally possible in France. Here is the trick to do it for free.

Indeed, if you bought your iPhone or iPad by subscribing to a mobile plan with a telephone operator, there is a good chance that your favorite smartphone will be blocked and can only be used with the operator in question. Your mobile is therefore blocked or simlocked. It works only on the network of this operator.

Before you begin, be aware that the unlocking is free if you have had your iPhone for 3 months. Otherwise, your operator may charge you for this operation. Also note that manipulation is possible on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S, 5, 5S or 5C, and on the latest 6 and 6 plus.

Check the IMEI number of your iPhone

The IMEI number is the registration number of your iPhone. To get it, please type * # 06 # on your phone keypad. The IMEI will then be displayed automatically.


Contact your operator

With your IMEI number, you must contact the customer service of your operator (the one on which the phone can work) and make the request for free unlocking / unlocking. The latter will make the request to Apple himself. You will be asked for a valid email. Apple will send you an email when it has processed the request.

On average, you will have to wait 15 days before you can unlock your iPhone. It may seem long. Be aware that companies offer services to speed up the process, but beware of scams.

French operators also offer a dedicated page to unlock your device:

  • Bouygues: call 614 from your mobile – by internet: click here
  • SFR : call 1023 from your mobile – by internet: click here
  • Orange : call 3970 from your mobile – by internet: click here
  • Free : call 3244 from your mobile – by internet: click here
  • Virgin Mobile: call 846 from your mobile – by internet: click here

Back up your iPhone then restore

After receiving the email from Apple or sometimes before, please connect your iPhone to iTunes. Click on Restore.


A message is displayed. If you want to keep your data, click on Save.

Unlock message

At the end of the restoration of your iPhone, a message will be displayed confirming that the operation was successful. Your iPhone is then unlocked and can work on any operator.