ios13 mockup 100779676 large Comment désinstaller la bêta d’iOS 13 ou d’iPadOS ?

How to uninstall the bta diOS 13 or diPadOS?

ios13 mockup 100779676 large How do I uninstall the diOS 13 or diPadOS bta?

The final versions of diOS 13 and diPadOS have arrived. This year, we had to wait until 13.1 to have the feeling of not being in beta anymore and of having a stable OS. You had install the bta diOS 13 ? Now want to delete it and enjoy the final version? Let's see how to uninstall the diOS 13 or diPadOS bta.

Although iPhone and iPad now have 2 different OSes, they are still similar. To install or remove the beta version, the methods are identical.

Method 1: Delete the public beta profile to uninstall the iOS 13 beta

Let's start with the simplest method. When you have downloaded the beta, you have to install the beta profile. You will have to start by deleting this profile and then wait for an update.

1.1. Open Settings > General > Profile ;

1.2. Tap the named profile iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 Beta () ;

iphone profil How to uninstall the bta diOS 13 or diPadOS?

1.3. Press on Delete profile and confirm your choice by entering the iPhone code.

iphone delete public beta profile How to uninstall the diOS 13 or diPadOS bta?

You just deleted the bta profile, but not the bta version. The bta profile allows updates of the bta versions. By deleting this profile, you are asking your device to only offer you the final versions.

So, to actually uninstall the beta, you'll have to wait for an update and do it. For that :

1.4. Come on Settings > General > Software update ;

1.5. Check that in the name of the update there is not the word bta (otherwise check that you have uninstalled the profile then restart your iPhone);

1.6. Press on Download and install ;

1.7. Let your iPhone download and then install the update. If necessary, plug it in and enter the passwords at the appropriate time.

If no update is present, you will have to wait until the next one. Patience is not your strength? Do you have a developer beta profile? You can restore iOS.

Method 2: restore iOS to delete the beta version of iOS 13

Start by backing up to your computer.

You will have to go through the Finder if you are on macOS Catalina, or iTunes if you are on Windows or a version of macOS earlier. The interface is very similar.

step 1: backing up the iPhone

Backup is essential since a restoration involves deleting the data.

2.1.1. Connect your iPhone to your computer;

2.1.2. On it, open Finder or iTunes then go to the location of your iPhone;

2.1.3. Tick This computer and Encrypt local backup ;

2.1.4. Make a backup by clicking on Save now and wait until the end.

step 2: restore iOS

2.2.1. Turn on your iPhone in recovery mode or recovery mode (the screen displays a laptop logo);

2.2.2. On your computer, click Restore when asked by a window;

itunes restore iphone How to uninstall the bta diOS 13 or diPadOS?

2.2.3. Enter your credentials.

Your iPhone is now restored and empty. In this case, you have just uninstalled the iOS 13 bta since it is on the last update, the last diOS version in final version. You can then configure it as a new device or from an iTunes backup, locally, to find your data.

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