How to uninstall Samsung Knox on Galaxy?

How to uninstall Samsung Knox on Galaxy?

For those who are wondering, Knox is a security system that has emerged from the update of Samsung's mobile devices to the third and last comma of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Disabled by default on all Galaxy commercialized in 2015, there are other older devices of the brand o Knox is installed and activated by default. Want to get rid of it, this article will help you do that!

What is Samsung Knox?

Launched in September 2013 by Samsung, Knox is a security system dedicated to the total data protection of Samsung Galaxy products installed with Android, in addition to facilitating their use with BYOD. To be more precise, BYOD is an abbreviation of the English bring your own device that translates into French by bringing your personal devices, but this is a feature for Samsung's mobile devices.

androidpit computer developer 1
The idea behind BYOD is to use its smartphone as a personal device, and vice versa. AndroidPIT

In other words, Samsung wants to make its users understand that it is possible to use your personal smartphone as a professional and vice versa. An argument that concerns both smartphones and tablets of the brand. At the time we are tracking these lines, all Samsung mobile devices installed from the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version have it by default, but have been disabled since the arrival of Android 5.0.

Why is there controversy around Knox?

Apart from that, it should be known that applications running outside the Knox sphere have limited access to stored data. While many people are happy with this, there are other people who do not agree. As a result, some independent developers took the lead. This is the case of Chainfire. To make it simple, its application TriangleAway is able to force the reset of a Samsung mobile device by removing all items without exception (flash a custom ROM, Root, Recovery and / or Kernel alternative).

androidpit knox
Applications that are not in the padlock have less rights than others. Samsung

Clearly, the use of this application automatically revalidates the warranty of the software part, and invalid eFuse. This is a technology that can leave a trace after a non-recommended software change.

How Samsung Knox affects the system?

In principle, the law prohibits the manufacturer from refusing a right of guarantee on the grounds that the software part has undergone modifications. And, indeed, Android is a free software and free of modifications, which means that it is quite legal. However, Samsung is entitled to refuse to repair your device if the damage has been caused by an unofficial change to the condition of the device compared to its exit from the factory when it was new.

AndroidPIT root apps SuperSU
Knox's problem is that it reduces the rights that apps like SuperSU … ANDROIDPIT

This is when Triangle Away comes into view, the application will then allow to reset the device to the factory settings without any problem. If the device does not work, then it is the fault of Samsung and the after-sales service can not use a wobbly argument to deny warranty support. On the Web, a plethora of petitions asking for Samsung's removal of Knox bloom every week.

How to uninstall Knox?

If you have a Samsung root and install with Android 4.3, you probably noticed that the application SuperSu had been blocked, and it is indeed the fault of Knox. There are various solutions to overcome this concern. You have to get rid of Knox, however, to be able to reset flash counter 0. This is at least the only known solution so far. If you have another one, do not hesitate to touch us a few words.

Samsung's official method

  • Launch the Knox application,
  • then click on 'Settings',
  • and uninstall Knox.

When the option is offered, it is possible to perform a backup of Knox data. Starting from this, a Samsung Knox data pack is then created and takes its seat in a directory of the same name on your mobile.

androidpit knox settings
The menu key of your Galaxy opens the menu of Knox (here, in English, "KNOX settings"). Samsung

Note : When saving, be aware that photos, multimedia files (music, movies and videos), contacts and calendars are copied. On the other hand, the emails and the data of the applications will not be it.

  • Enter your Knox password and click 'Continue'.
  • From there, press the 'Next' option to start the backup and uninstall of the application.
  • Confirm the action with the 'Ok' key.

The unofficial method, using root

  • Install a file manager that can access root rights,Astro is a good free solution that will allow you to do that.
  • Then, launch the file manager and start a search with the key word 'Knox'.
  • Select all files found by the search, then delete all.
  • To complete the operation, restart the device.
androidpit knox uninstall
Example with 'Root Explorer', but the manipulation is very close with Astro. AndroidPIT

The unofficial method, from the bootloader

  • Flash the following .zip file: KNOX
  • Delete all files named "Knox".
  • Restart your Samsung

Note : a backup of your data is recommended before doing these manipulations. If you want more information about these manipulations, I advise you to visit his post on the forum of XDA Developers.

Do you expect to remove Knox or you appreciate the discretion brings compared to your data?

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