How to turn on an Android phone with the broken power button

If your cell phone usually falls to the ground, it is very likely that if the screen has not broken, at least if one of the buttons on your smartphone has been damaged, like the power button. Here are some tips for turning on your mobile with the power or power button pressed.

How to turn on an Android phone with the broken power button

Here are the methods to turn on your Android smartphone with the broken power button. Read on to know the ways.

1. Volume buttons + Home

The power button might have been broken, but it’s also possible that your phone has volume buttons and a home button. In L’ affirmative , there is probably a combination of buttons with which you can turn on the mobile without using the food .

In many cases, we do not start the smartphone, but we will start the Bootloader mode or the Recovery mode. However, if you start one of these modes, at least you have already turned on your smartphone. Now all you need to do is look for the option where you can restart your Android smartphone in normal mode. If the process is done correctly, we can say that this is one of the successful methods to turn on Android phone with broken power button.

2. Connect it to the computer

Sometimes these modes are only activated if we connect the smartphone to the computer. To do this, we usually need to press one of the volume buttons and then connect the smartphone to the computer via the USB cable. This process is usually used to install different ROM in the mobile or for root. However, the most useful is that the mobile turns on. Even if you are not installing ROM, or riding the mobile, it will be helpful if you broke the On / Off button to turn on your mobile. As in the previous case, look for the option to restart in normal mode to turn on the mobile.

While it is true that the latter process requires a computer, it can be useful if your mobile phone is not closed. For that, it suffices to maintain the high battery levels and when you reach a low percentage of battery, activate the battery saving mode to have enough battery until you can connect the mobile to the power grid.

These are the two methods to turn on our Android mobile if we broke the ON / OFF button. Hope this article will help you in an efficient way.

After applying the above methods and still facing the issues, let us know exactly with the screenshots so that we can help you as soon as possible.

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