How to turn off Siri on iPhone

How to turn off Siri on iPhone

Apple's personal assistant is not necessarily appreciated by everyone. Fortunately, the Apple allows its users to deactivate Siri. We explain how to do it.

Siri's case is not unanimous. Still, Apple's personal assistant can be of great help. He can answer existential, factual questions, you make life easier by dialing a phone number or launching a song, or even becoming a personal clown, but it can also be boring.

Indeed, for some, Siri sometimes turns on inappropriate moments or does not respond correctly to their requests. For others, it is simply the desire not to feel constantly under pressure.

Fortunately, disabling Siri is relatively straightforward, but there isn't a specific button to turn it off yet.

Go to the iPhone or iPad settings and scroll down to the Siri & Search option and select it. On this page, in the Request Siri section, deactivate the Allow Hey Siri option as well as the Siri trigger option via the side or home button.

A frame should then appear on your screen asking you to validate the deactivation of Siri.

Obviously, if you want to reactivate Siri, the procedure will be the same, but reverse.

It is also possible to deactivate Siri on Mac. To do this, simply go to the system preferences, select Siri from the list and uncheck Activate Siri.