How to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook

After receiving several questions on this subject, especially from people who have a very slow connection or from those who have a limited 3G or 4G plan, we have just found the solution and created this tutorial in order to help you disable autoplay videos on Facebook.

How to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook

As Facebook exists in two versions, one on the web and the other on Smartphones, we will therefore see both (web version and the application).

Video launch is done with sound off, so you should click / touch the sound icon on the video to turn the sound on (this is for people who are wondering why videos start without sound or those who don’t want not disable auto launch of videos).

Disable autoplay videos on Facebook web browser version :

Go to the Facebook page then to settings (or click here, if you are in a web browser)

web face

on the bottom left click on Videos, then you will have two choices, the first is to choose the quality of the videos (if you have a good connection you can choose “HD if available” this choice allows you to see the videos in HD if it exists in this quality otherwise leave in “Standard definition only” if your connection does not allow you luxury. 😉

The second choice is what we are looking for, so you can with this choice disable auto launch of videos.

If this method doesn’t work, then the problem may be with your browser, switch browsers to see if the problem is with your browser.

Disable the auto-launch of Facebook videos on the smartphone application:

Open your application, at the top right tap the menu then at the bottom tap “Application settings”

smartphone face

A window opens with some options that allow you to configure your application, this is where we will be able to disable the auto launch of videos, go down to the bottom and choose “Video playback is automatic”

smartphone 2

Check “disabled” like this:

smartphone 3

Now the videos will no longer be launched automatically when you browse Facebook.