How to turn off automatic playback of previews on Netflix

How to turn off automatic playback of previews on Netflix

Those who are used to watching Netflix on their television will no doubt agree that the automatic playback of trailers while browsing is the limit of the bearable.

But these videos, which are automatically read while you explore the catalog of the platform, are also available on mobile and in the online interface.

Netflix seems to have received many complaints about this since it is now possible to disable the automatic playback of these previews, for all devices. However, you must connect your account from a computer.

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1. Go to Netflix

Open your favorite web browser and go to the Netflix online interface to log into your account.

The option to disable automatic playback of previews on all devices is only available from the platform's website. Do not therefore be able to modify it from a mobile application, for example.

>>> Go to Netflix <<<

2. Access the options

From the main Netflix page, hover over your avatar and go to the menu Account.

Scroll down the options, and click Reading parameters, in the section My profile, at the end of the page.

3. Turn off autoplay

Once in Reading parameters, uncheck the option Automatically read previews while browsing on all devices.

Now, no matter which platform you connect to on Netflix, no video preview should be played automatically when you browse the catalog of movies and series.

If you have enough will, take the opportunity to deactivate the passage Automatic playback of the next episode in a series on all devices. This will save you a few extra hours of sleep.