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How to transform your videos into animated gifs with Whatsapp?

Tired of digging into libraries of GIFs seen and reviewed? Create your own and share them with your friends.

whatsapp anime gif

Did you know that you can send animated GIFs with Whatsapp? Better: that you could create your own GIFs? Here’s how to do it from the Whatsapp app.

From the messaging service, first select the shooting mode at the top left.

whatsapp photo video

Choose the scene you want to immortalize: wind in the grass, a friend’s waterfall or the classic kitten … Then keep your finger pressed to record the scene. Once the shooting is finished, Whatsapp automatically switches to edit mode. Tap the GIF mode at the top right.

gif whatsapp video

It is done ? Using the white dots on the left and right of the timeline, adjust the part of the video that will become GIF.

whatsapp gif selection

You can, if you prefer, add smileys or write directly on the video. Then click on To send at the bottom of the screen then choose your recipient. You just have to wait for the likes!

Also note: WhatsApp GIFs are not real GIFs but videos. The longer the portion of the video, the larger the GIF. And the longer it will take to send and consume data on your plan.

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