How to transform decoy grenades into 450 materials in Fortnite

This Fortnite feat allows you to gain 450 materials by using 50 antlers and three decoy grenades.

When Fortnite Season 2 was released, many players noticed a small feat with the new lure grenades in arne mode.

As most players know, enemies drop 50 of each type of material when they die in this mode. This also applies to lures. When they die, they all deposit materials.

This led players to build lures in a box and pick up their materials. The only problem was that you had to do this one at a time. Otherwise, the standing lures would pick up the materials of the dead.

Epic Games

If you build your lures in a box, then you will only leave with a total of 150 materials – nothing sneeze, but not the optimal amount.

Reddit user u / nollerbtw has published an excerpt from a strategy found by his friend. Instead of building a box and letting the decoys attack it, he sets it up so that the robots cannot pick up the fallen materials.

For this method, you must build a box with a ramp facing you. Drop as little as one type of each material under the ramp, then throw the grenades. The lures will appear on the other side of the ramp. when they die, the materials will be sucked underneath.

Players immediately noticed this feat, but it is a new and improved way to get the most out of your decoy grenades. Some players have even suggested the idea of ​​carrying lures at the end of the game to use them for free equipment after completing the rotation.

If I were a gamer, I would put money on Epic to patch it. I don't think they've realized the competitive implications of decoy grenades – a tool that will be strong in trios and squads without this feat.

Use it as long as you can. It remains to be seen whether Epic will release a patch for this.