how to transform an iPhone into an iPod Classic?

how to transform an iPhone into an iPod Classic?

(Update) Apple has removed the Rewound app from the App Store

Those nostalgic for iPod will be delighted. A developer has just published on the App Store an application allowing to find, on an iPhone, the interface of an iPod Classic. Rewound, that's its name, is a fairly simple music player, but which has the particularity of offering a similar navigation system what we could find on iPods in the past: clickable wheel, original iPod menus, everything is there to make you travel in the past.

Rewound syncs with Apple Music's music library and may offer compatibility with Spotify in a future update. The application even offers the luxury of integrating haptic feedback, as on the original. To be able to be published on the App Store, Rewound does not embed the iPod Classic interface, but offers a somewhat rudimentary method: download skins online and then apply them. Here's everything you need to know to turn your iPhone into an iPod Classic.

1. Download the application

Start by downloading the application to your iPhone. Offers free, it replaces the native music player diOS. However, it offers an integrated purchase if you want to be able to read playlists.

2. Download a skin

The first time you start Rewound, the interface looks a bit rough. The reason is simple: in order to be downloadable from the App Store, the application does not natively integrate skins allowing it to display the iPod Classic navigation wheel.

Accept the permissions and press Download Skins (Or on Add Skin then on Download Skins) then select your source: Twitter or Weibo.

The skins are indeed published on these two social networks by users, with a hashtag rewoundskins. Once the image of the skin is displayed, keep your finger pressed on it and press Add Photos to save the image to iPhone Camera Roll.

Close the Twitter window by pressing okay.

3. Install the skin

Then press Add skin from Photos and select the image you just saved.

Activate navigation with the scroll wheel by pressing Turn on scroll-based navigation in the pop-up that is displayed.

If all went well, you should now be able to use the wheel to navigate the player interface and explore your music library.