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How to transfer your Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos

How to transfer your Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos

Facebook has just released its first data portability tool to easily transfer content stored on the platform to another service.

This first utility allows you to transfer the images and videos stored at Facebook to Google Photos, the first service to be compatible with the solution offered by the social network. The manipulation takes only a few seconds, here is how to do it.

1. Connect Facebook from a PC

At the moment, the tool is not accessible from the Android and iOS mobile applications from Facebook. You will have to connect to the social network from a computer to access it.

Launch your favorite web browser on your computer and log into your Facebook account.

2. Go to Settings

From the main page of the social network, click on the small arrow at the top right of the interface to deploy the menu and enter the Parameters.

3. Access Your Facebook Information

In the left column, click on Your Facebook information then, in the center, click on Transfer a copy of your photos or videos.

Facebook should prompt you to confirm your account by re-entering your password.

4. Choose the destination

Google Photos is, for now, the one and only service compatible with the Facebook tool. Click on Choose the destination and select Google Photos.

Then choose if you want to transfer the Pictures where the Videos from your Facebook account to Google Photos and click next.

Then select the Google Photos account to which you want to transfer Facebook content and click on To allow to grant Facebook permission to add content to your Google Photos library.

Confirm your choice by clicking again on To allow.

Finally, you will need to click on Confirm transfer to start the migration process.

Facebook will then display the mention In progress until all content is uploaded to Google Photos.

Note that you will have to start the manipulation again from step 2 to transfer the rest of the content stored on your Facebook account, depending on what you have chosen (Photos or Videos).

Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a notification on your Facebook account informing you of the proper course of handling.

5. Disconnect your Google account from Facebook

To be able to transfer your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos, you have to allow Facebook to access your Google account.

You should also receive a security alert on your Gmail address informing you.

Once all your photos and videos are correctly transferred to Google Photos, and to not allow Facebook to access your Google account ad vitam aeternam, go to the page dedicated to the management of Applications having access to your account.

Click on Facebook, then on Delete access to revoke the authorization gives Facebook to access your Google account.