How to Track Your Friends Using Google Maps

You can now share your location in real time using Google Maps. It also means that you can track the location of your friends during their activities. Most people will love this feature, but privacy advocates may have reservations.

To get the most out of modern technology, you have to give up some of your privacy. So while it’s entirely possible to use it anonymously, letting Google Maps see your location brings it to life. And the latest Google Maps trick makes it more true than ever …

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How to Track Your Friends Using Google Maps

In March 2017, Google added the ability to share your location in real time in Google Maps. The functionality was detailed in an article on the keyword, with Google explaining how it works. Basically you can share your location with friends and vice versa.

To share your location in real time on Google Maps, first make sure your location services are turned on. Then open Google Maps and find the blue dot indicating where you are. Click on that blue dot and Google Maps will give you several different options.

Tap “Share your location” and choose how long you want to share your location. This may take a while or until you turn off location sharing. Then choose the person (s) you want to share your location with and click “Share”.

You can share your location with your Google contacts or send a link through your favorite messaging apps. Once you have shared your location with a friend or friends, they have the option to do the same. This is how you can track your friends using Google Maps.

This could be useful if you and your friends are dating or traveling somewhere. By sharing all of your location among yourselves, you can keep track of everyone in the group and set up a date in a central location. Everything via Google Maps.

While you are sharing your location with others, you will see an icon on your own map reminding you that you are sharing your location. Google will also send you regular reminders that you’re sharing your location to make sure you don’t forget.

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Turn Google Maps into a real marauder map

Google addresses any privacy concerns up front, making it clear that you are still in control of how your location is shared. The company has also put in place various protections to prevent you from forgetting. However, this is unlikely to appease privacy advocates.

This feature turns Google Maps into a real Marauder map. Which, for the uninitiated, is a magic map from the Harry Potter series that tracks everyone’s location at Hogwarts.