How to track RAM consumption of Android apps

How to track RAM consumption of Android apps

For one reason or another, it sometimes happens that an application slows down the smartphone a little, but there is indeed a way to skip it to put the points on the i. In this article, we intend to offer you two solutions, one native and the other as an application, which will allow you to detect these greedy applications and processes which monopolize the RAM of your Android device.

How to Detect the Application That Consumes Android RAM

With Android Lollipop and before: the 'System Monitor' application

Operating from Android 1.6 and up to Android 6.0.1, System Monitor may not be very welcoming at first, but will allow you to have a complete view around the applications and processes running operation / use on your device.

how to detect application processes occupy memory ram system monitor images 01
This tool tracks the RAM consumption of applications and processes from Android 1.6. AndroidPIT

In addition to the application, System Monitor also brings a suite of widgets under its wing. Four in number, the first is a general module which presents the use of the processor, internal memory or RAM, in addition to the percentage of the battery in real time. If you don't care about all this information, the developer has divided the main widget into four separate parts, including one dedicated to RAM consumption.

System Monitor
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With Mashmallow and after (Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Android 10): the menu dedicated to 'Memory'

If your device is running Android 6.0 or a more advanced version of the system, there is a menu for memory use. To access it, you must first activate the developer options.

androidpit options dev
To activate the developer options, simply click 7 times on the build number. AndroidPIT

Once this is done, click on Developer Options> Memory. This has a control center where the state of the memory is presented in the form of four info – performance, total memory, average usage (%) and available memory – which you can choose to display on an approximation of 3h, 6h, 12h and even 1 day.

androidpit options dev memory
The 'Memory' menu is very practical. AndroidPIT

By clicking on the menu 'Memory used by applications', you will get detailed information of the RAM memory for each application and process running on your device. An advantage not negligible to hide the applications in overconsumption which melts slow down your mobile and / or melt your battery like snow in the sun. However, this menu does not have a dedicated widget in particular. It's a shame, but it is not impossible that Google adds a destiny this one – and others – in a next update of Android.

If you use another solution to detect RAM problems, do not hesitate to tell us in comments.

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