How to tell if an iPhone is locked by a mobile operator

How to tell if an iPhone is locked by a mobile operator

Smartphones purchased from a mobile operator are very often blocked on a single specific network. A negative point when you want to change mobile operator. How do you know if your smartphone is actually locked by a supplier? And how to remedy it?

at first glance, this is not very important. However, when you want to change your mobile operator or buy a second-hand iPhone, locking a smartphone with a mobile provider can be boring. This is why it is better to ask your operator to unlock your phone if you intend to resell it or change your supplier.

How to check the status of an iPhone

The first tip to check if your iPhone is blocked on a single mobile network is to go to Phone settings, then to Cellular data and, finally, to Select a network.

If you see the options Cellular data network, Mobile data network or simply the network of several mobile operators, it is that your iPhone is not locked and that it can juggle between several networks.

A solution which is not always convincing, that is why it can be more interesting to refer to the IMEI number / serial number. This international identification number of mobile equipment makes it possible to know all the information relating to a device.

You can find this number by going to the Settings of your iPhone, General and about. The IMEI number should be there. Copy it and enter it on a specialized site which allows checking on a device that is locked by an operator. Unfortunately, most of these sites are paid.

Finally, you can also contact your operator directly and ask him the question.

How to unlock an iPhone

As Apple says, the only solution to unlock a smartphone is to request it from your mobile operator. Depending on the suppliers, this may or may not be chargeable, taking several days.

Once your mobile operator has confirmed that your phone is unlocked, you can change the SIM card.