How to surf faster with Google Chrome?

How to surf faster with Google Chrome?

Generally, in our European counters the Google Chrome app is installed on your Android device. Some of you prefer to leave it for an alternative, but many users continue to use Google's browser. Do you know that you can boost it a bit to make it faster?

The tips that follow are not miracle solutions, you will not see your loading speed quadruple thanks to the configurations that will be explained in this article, only improved with a few small simple settings. So before going into hacking techniques, it's important to remember one thing: Chrome's speed is related to the speed of your connection. Even the fastest smartphone in the world with a perfectly optimized version of Chrome will not work wonders if you're surfing at a slower speed.

Empty the cache

This trick may appear strange first sight because the cache allows to load the pages faster. The cache is somehow the memory of your computer: when you go to a site, it saves several items of the page it places in the temporary files. Thus, when he returns to the page he will draw the elements he knows already, the loading time is increased.

The disadvantage is that the data stored in the cache can sometimes cause problems and slow the loading instead of accelerating it. By emptying it, you leave on a stable foundation. The first load will certainly be longer since you will have to reload the whole site, but afterwards, the concept of the cache will prove itself.

To empty your cache, simply go to the options: launch Chrome, click on the 3 points at the top right then click on settings. Enter "Confidentiality" then search for "Clear browsing data". You can then choose to delete the cached files but also the cookies, history and other information.

androidpit chrome cache
Delete the cache is done in a few seconds. AndroidPIT

Turn on the data saver

Chrome offers a default system for saving data. Under the name Data Saver (or Data Server), is a compression system: you do not receive the actual version of the site but a compresses version specially adapted for your device. So, you download less data and have a personalized experience for your mobile.

To activate the data saver, you need to go to the Chrome settings and you will find the feature at the bottom. In the window that will appear, you will find the possibility to activate / deactivate the function, as well as an overview of the current state of affairs.

Enable Prediction Service

As the name implies, this service aims to anticipate sites that you could click by preloading them. So, when you want to go to the site, some of the work will already be done. If in theory this looks very interesting, we can see two problems with this function. The first is that the application may preload sites that you may not visit. The second is that preloading sites involves the consumption of data

It's up to you to decide if you want to activate this service or not. You will find it in the settings of Google Chrome, then in the menu "Confidentiality". You'll find the "Use a prediction service to load pages faster" feature, just turn it on or off as needed.

androidpit chrome prediction
Here is a feature to navigate faster. AndroidPIT

Disable Javascript (potentially problematic)

This allows to accelerate the loading of the pages but it is not always a good idea. Javascript can make a site pretty and dynamic, and a good part of the web uses JavaScript scripts for this or that reason. Disabling it may cause display problems that may affect the user experience.

You want to deactivate it anyway? Go to the settings and look for "Site Settings". You will find there "JavaScript" that you can activate / deactivate.

Configure flags (potentially problematic)

Of course, like the computer version, you can dither the flags to improve performance. Flags are expressive, which means that they can no longer function and / or cause problems over time. We will therefore avoid going into too much detail, but you can always have a look at it if you wish. Just open a new tab and type chrome: // flags in the address field.

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