How to start your smartphone faster

How to start your smartphone faster

Do you want your smartphone to turn on faster? This is good because this is the purpose of this article. You will find here a simple guide to start your phone faster. You simply need to have root permissions on your phone.


Download and install Root Browser. If you can not get it from the Play Store, download the APK file and install it. You will also need to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources in Settings> Security. Also make sure that you have allowed root access to applications in your options for developers.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Ping Pong Root
If your phone is root, you can easily speed up the boot. AndroidPIT

How to turn on your smartphone faster

Open Root Browser, navigate to System folder > build.prop and click on it. The file build.prop houses the information that tells your phone what to do when it turns on. Open the file with your favorite text editor (RB text editor, for example), scroll down and enter this piece of code:

ro.config.hw_quickpoweron = true

You can now save. This message will indicate your phone to turn on faster.

htc one m9 power buttons
With this code, you can turn on your phone faster. AndroidPIT

How to disable the boot animation?

With the same file build.prop, you can also enter this new code at the end of the list to disable the animation sequence for an even faster start:

debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1

Save and now your phone will light up without starting sequence.

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