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How to speed up your file downloads?

Download too slow? Learn how to recover your files faster.

Speed ​​up download audio video file

Sometimes downloads seem long, even with fiber. Fortunately, some software is there to help us optimize these downloads. This is the case of Internet Download Manager (IDM) which makes life easier.

>> Download Internet Download Manager

Once the software is installed, it will take precedence over the download manager of your browser. In Chrome, handling is simple.

chrome IDM extensionOnce you launch your browser, a window will offer you directly to activate the browser module.
download IDM chrome filesThe software will then automatically take over during a download.
destination idm chromeYou can, if you wish, change the destination directory.

With Firefox, the task is slightly more complex since no prompt will offer to activate the module. You will need to go to the dedicated menu from the burger menu located at the top right of the browser.

idm firefox extensionClick on the “Add-ons” option.
download firefox idm filesThen activate IDM by pressing the “Activate” button.

IDM works well on classic large downloads such as software download sites, Linux ISOs on FTP, or image archives. But do not expect IDM to work miracles on specialized sites like 1fichier, Uptobox et al. The latter have long restricted their service to get you to checkout.

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