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How to share your iTunes library with your friends?

Did you know that you can share your iTunes music playlists with friends and family? Here’s how.

share music itunes computer

It is possible to share your music on several computers in your house or directly with a friend. Here are the two methods.

Share your home library

Once iTunes is installed on both devices (computer and tablet for example), you will need to make sure that certain ports on your computer are open.

On Windows, these are TCP ports 3689 UDP 5353. They are rarely blocked. If they should be, go to your Windows firewall settings and allow these two ports for the iTunes application.

sharing iTunes home library

On iOS, you will have to go from the Apple menu in System Preferences> Security> Firewall> Advanced.

Then, make sure you have connected all the iTunes software of the house on the same Apple ID then go to File> Home Sharing> Enable Home Sharing.

activate iTunes sharing

From another device with iTunes and log in to the same Apple ID, click on the Music icon located at the top left. At the bottom of the drop-down menu will appear your other libraries which you can now select.

itunes music libraries

Share the library directly

On iPhone or iPad, you’ll need the free MyStream app to share your music directly with someone else. Once the app is launched, you will be able to activate the sharing of playlists and pair additional devices directly.

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