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How to share the mobile connection of your smartphone?

How to share the mobile connection of your smartphone?

In these times of confinement, the Internet connection is the last link allowing to maintain a semblance of social life. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate to have a stable and fast connection, as can be the case with fiber.

Even if in the current context it is preferable to privilege a fixed connection to avoid cluttering the mobile network, many French people have to deal with an ADSL connection anmic, or unstable (sometimes both), making work a real headache.

There is then no other possibility than to opt for an ultimate backup solution: share the 4G connection of your smartphone. Thanks to the increasingly generous mobile data envelopes offered by operators, broadband dropouts can, when necessary, enjoy digital food while surfing from their PC with a connection offering a flow worthy of the name.

If experienced users are already familiar with the combination, nophytes you may be part of are not always aware. Find out how to share your Android smartphone or iPhone connection with other devices in the house.

  • Share mobile connection on Android

1. Access the Parameters

Enter the Parameters dAndroid and enter the menu Network and Internet. Then press Access point and connection sharing, then on Wi-Fi hotspot.

2. Secure the access point

Activate connection sharing. By default, the mobile hotspot generated by your smartphone usually has the name of your device model followed by several digits. If this is not mandatory, it is possible to customize the name of your hotspot. To do this, press Access point name, enter the new name and confirm by pressing okay.

Then press Access point password to display it. Note it in the corner of your head. This is the password that you must enter on your PC or other devices to connect to the Wi-Fi access point generated by your smartphone.

Note that it is possible to customize this password. All you have to do is delete the old one, enter the new one and confirm your preferences by pressing okay.

If desired, this password can be personalized. You will also need to secure your access point by assigning it a strong password to personalize it.

3. Connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot generated by your smartphone

From your computer, or any other mobile device capable of connecting to the Internet, go to the network settings to find a Wi-Fi access point.

You should see the name of your smartphone appear in the list of available hotspots. Connect to it as you normally would by entering the password indicated above on the smartphone.

  • Share the mobile connection on an iPhone

1. Access the diOS settings

Open them Settings diOS and go to the menu Sharing the line. Activate the option Authorize other users to activate mobile connection sharing.

The default login password is displayed just below. You can, if you wish, personalize it by tapping on it.

2. Connect other devices to your iPhone

Open the network settings of the other devices you want to connect to and find the name of your iPhone, which is the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot that iOS chooses by default when sharing a connection. Enter your password and validate to initiate the connection as you normally would.

If you want to connect another Apple device (Mac, iPod touch, iPad) with the same iCloud account configured as that of your iPhone, you should not be asked for a password.