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How to share games on Steam

How to share games on Steam

If you want to share a game that you recently discovered and found interesting to play, you will need to have a Steam account. Steam is not only a platform on which you can get the best deals on games, it also offers many other features to make your gaming account social. It’s not like many other anti-social platforms where you can only buy and download the game. Log in to Steam and access dozens of features to play the game online with your friends and family, Go from a game to a friend and access the VIP lounges. Here we will explain how to share games on Steam.

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Game sharing with Steam Family Library Sharing

One of the recent developments on Steam allows the user to share the games with family and friends, who can play the game they love on their devices and view the results in the leaderboard under their accounts. Steam Cloud allows multiple players to play simultaneously under their account name, access a single library and record their progress. This way you will have to buy the game once, so that all users can play it in one purchase. However, Steam only allows users 5 and devices 10 on which games can be shared.

To do this, you must activate the sharing of the family library. First, it is necessary for Steam Guard security to be active. If not, go to Steam settings and choose Account, the first menu tab. Click to open Manage Steam Guard Account Security under the user credentials. Once activated, you can share the games with your friends and family.

Those who want to play the games you have shared should log in to their device with their Steam credentials. After logging in, they should open Steam settings from their devices. They must then select the Family and Sharing tabs in the family library in the left navigation panel. Click Allow this computer is the option with which they will confirm sharing of the games that you have authorized. Sign out and let these people sign in with their accounts to check for shared games. They could download all the games you have on your account and install them on their devices.

This way you can let the 5 members play the games you already have. At the same time, you can share games with 10 devices. Thanks to Valve's partnership, Steam introduced the concept of game sharing. Unlike this platform, no other available resource allows free sharing of games purchased.

This method is very beneficial for families rather than for friends. Anyone living in a remote area where you cannot travel as often and easily will not have a chance to try the game you are playing because your physical presence is required to allow the other user to play the shared games. The bottom line is that Steam wants family members to share games so they can create their personal bests without disturbing any other family player.

Most games are available for sharing, while some require subscriptions. Such games could only be purchased and not shared. In addition, shared games require the Internet to be used, because without it, the system could not access the Steam Cloud to retrieve the progress of the game.