How to share an Android screen to another Android screen

Learn how to share an Android screen to another Android screen through the Inkwire app. This tool will work just like a well-known PC tool, Team Viewer, which allows you to easily control another Android device directly from your own.

Now, in our computer system, we would share our computer screen with our friend or with the clique of our office for any work, whether it was troubleshooting or any other basic need. In Android, there are many apps present to share your device screen with other device screen, but you can find just as many bugs and ads in all apps. Now, if you want to share your device’s screen remotely with the other device, you can use an app called Inkwire. Below we are going to show you how to share your device screen with the other Android device with the use of this app. So follow the guide below discussed below to continue.

How to share an Android screen to another Android screen

In our streamer tutorial, the Android device will be called as the sender. The device whose screen will be shared with the receiver. On the other hand, a receiving device will be referred to as a receiver in our tutorial, which will have access to live access to the sender’s device. TheInkwire app must be installed on both recipient and sender’s Android device. The last thing that matters is the internet connection. A good speed internet connection must be present for the entire process to run smoothly.

Steps to share Android screen to another Android screen through Inkwire app:

Step 1. Prepare the Sender (Generate Access Code) Now the first and most important step is to generate the Sender Access Code for the recipient. Now, to generate the passcode, open the Inkwire app. There are two options available to you, one is “Share” and the other is “Access”. You need to press the “Share” button.

2nd step. Now the app will ask you for the microphone and device screen access in a dialog box. In this area you have to press the button “Authorize / start now”. Here, after this step, you will have the screen access code that you need to share with the recipient. (Ps: Make this access code confidential and share it with the person to whom you want to give access to your device)

Step 3. Entering the access code on your receiving device Step 1 must be carried out on the sender’s side and the second step must be carried out on the recipient device. First, to look at the sender’s screen, open the Inkwire app and then hit the “Go” button as shown.

Step 4. After pressing the access button, it will ask you for access from the sender or broadcast device. Now you need to enter the passcode generated by the sending device.

Step 5. After entering the access code, press the “Access” button once. Wohoooo !!! Here is the sender screen on your screen. Now you will be able to surf the screen of the streaming device.

Best Android to Android Remote Access App

Just like Inkwire, there are many other Android to Android screen sharing apps available on the Google Play Store. Users just need to install these remote access apps on the two Android smartphones to share the screen. So, let’s see some of the best Android to Android remote access apps 2019.

# 1 TeamViewer Quick Support

Teraviewer is one of the best and most popular Android remote access tools on the internet available on Android. The remote sharing tool has its app published on the iOS, Android and Windows app stores. Apart from that, the app has cross-platform support. It means you can control your Android from iOS device, or control your iOS from Android. Teamviewer Quick support can also be used for Android access to Android Remote.

# 2 is another best Android app that you can use to share screen between two Android devices. The best thing about is that it provides a link to share which you have to open from other smartphones to start the screen sharing process. Besides that, also brings a lot of other features like live chat, video conferencing, etc.

# 3 RemoDroid

Well, if you are looking for a simple to use Android app to share screen with other Android users, RemoDroid is arguably the best choice for you. However, RemoDroid only supports screen sharing over local network. Therefore, both Android smartphones must be connected to the same local network to be able to share the screen.

# 4 Miracast Screen Sharing App

Miracast Screen Sharing App is one of the best and best Android screen sharing utilities available on Google Play Store. Not only from Android to Android, Miracast screen sharing app also allows users to share Android phone screens to smart TV or display device wirelessly. So, Miracast screen sharing app is another best Android app to share Android screen to another Android.

# 5 AirMirror

AirMirror is a relatively new Android remote control app available on the Google Play Store. The most notable feature of AirMirror is its device-to-device control. With AirMirror, you can remotely control an Android device from another Android smartphone or tablet. Not only that, but the app also allows users to easily switch between controlled devices. So AirMirror is yet another best Android to Android screen sharing app that you can use right now.

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There you go, you can now start using the screen of your sending device and making changes to it. Now, you can use this app at your workplace or any place where you want to show tutorial, fix other device problem or check other mobile device. If you have any issues while using the app, feel free to comment below. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned