How to send anonymous SMS to any number

Well if we look back we will find that the last few years have been really good for the tech world. Things have changed now, nowadays instead of personal encounters, people choose to communicate with instant messaging and social media apps. However, before instant messaging apps, there was an era of text messaging.

It’s not that SMS or text messaging doesn’t exist today, most sensitive information like bank details, OTP passwords, etc. were still sent by SMS. However, our smartphones are just as vulnerable as our computer. Anyone you send automatically knows your contact number. Have you ever wanted to text anyone without disclosing any personal information?

In fact, it is possible, as there are many sites online that offer the anonymous messaging service. You can visit these anonymous text messaging sites to send text messages without disclosing your real number. So, in this article, we are going to share some of the best sites for sending anonymous text messages in 2019.

How to send anonymous SMS to any number

Interestingly, there are hundreds of anonymous SMS sites available. But not all of them work. So, in this article, we have listed the popular and effective sites. For security reasons, we have not shared links from websites. You can search for the site name on Google to open this site.

List of websites to send anonymous SMS to any number

# 1 Seasms

This is one of the best sites that supports 160 character messages to be sent to any number online. You don’t need to save any personal data, you can send free SMS to any number. Seasms is one of the best websites for sending anonymous SMS to any number.

# 2 Spicesms

Well if you are living in India and looking for ways to send SMS to Indian users then SpiceSms might be the best choice for you. This site only allows you to send SMS to India. The messaging service of this site is very fast because the message will be sent instantly to the recipient.

# 3 Smsti

This website allows SMS to be sent to India only because it is an Indian site that allows you to send free SMS to any number. You will also receive a notification when the recipient receives the text messages you have sent.

# 4 Sendanonymoussms

As the name of the site suggests, SendAnonymousSMS is another best SMS website on the list that can be used to send SMS without revealing your true identity. This is another great site that allows a user to send anonymous messages without saving their personal data. The speed of sending messages is also very fast.

# 5 Armsms

It is one of the best anonymous SMS sending portals which allows you to send any message to worldwide for free. So Armsms is one of the top popular websites on the list which can be used for anonymous SMS 2019.

# 6 Textem

Textem is one of the best and free SMS sites on the list which can be used to send anonymous SMS. However, Textem is only interested in the United States and is limited to American carriers. So if you live in USA then Textem might be the best site to send unlimited anonymous messages to your friends.

# 7 TextForFree

TextForFree is another best anonymous messaging site on the list that you can try. TextForFree is roughly similar to the Textem which was listed above. What’s interesting is that TextForFree allows users to send over 140 characters. Other than that, TextForFree is completely free and you can send an anonymous message to any US number.

# 8 TxtDrop

If you are looking for a free and easy to use SMS website to send unlimited anonymous text messages to US and Canada numbers then TxtDrop might be the best choice for you. TxtDrop’s user interface is quite clean and well organized, and it is definitely the best anonymous text messaging service 2019 that you can consider.

# 9 AnonTxt

Another best site on the list is AnonTxt which can be used to send holiday greetings, anonymous messages, etc. to your friends. On AnonTxt, you don’t need to create an account to send the SMS. Just visit the site, enter all the details including name, subject, number and message, then click the “Send” button.

# 10 Anonymous text

Anonymous Text is a fully responsive anonymous text messaging service in the United States. With Anonymous Text, you can send anonymous messages to any US number. Unlike most other sites, Anonymous Text does not require users to register for a free account to send the text messages. So, Anonymous Text is another great site to send anonymous text messages in 2019.

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So, here is how to send an anonymous SMS to any number. Now you can drive your friends crazy by texting from a different number. Hope you like the post, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you have any related questions.