How to send a fax from your pc or smartphone with Gmail

Sending a fax from your PC or smartphone is much more convenient than going to a store to do so. One of the easiest ways is to send a fax to from Gmail . Today at TechTip, we will explain a step by step procedure on how it works.

Although this is not the most common communication format today, there are still some companies that do not accept documents by email for some processes but need to fax them.

With the convenience of scanning documents from your mobile, and even signing PDF files online, it seems absurd to go somewhere asking them to send the fax to others for you. And, indeed, it is not necessary: ​​we can send a fax from our PC and our smartphone now.

First, clarify that there is no service that allows you to send unlimited faxes at no cost, but there are some plans for a 30-day limit or free testing.

One of the most convenient ways is to send a fax from Gmail, as we won’t have to install any app on our cell phone or on our computer. So how do we do this? To find out more, read on.

Send a fax from your PC or Smartphone with Gmail

Therefore, today at AstuceTech we will explain how to send a fax by mail below.

Choose a fax provider

Gmail does not provide this service directly, so you will need a fax provider. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can go for eFax, for example, since you’ll have a 30-day trial period with unlimited faxes. There are also some services that give you a limited number of free faxes. This is the case with MyFax, recommended by How to Geek, which allows you to send up to 10 pages per month for free. In case you need the service more often, there is no free option and you may be interested in something more advanced like RingCentral Fax.

Send Fax via Gmail

This step is very simple. You just have to open your email and attach the file as if it were a normal email, adding the body and subject whenever you want. The only thing that changes is the recipient: you will need to insert the number you want to send the fax to followed by the slogan provided by your provider. It could be something like this: [email protected].

Another option is to use the application provided by your provider to send and receive faxes directly, but it is easier to do so directly from your email without installing additional programs.

That’s it! This way we can send faxes through Gmail account via PC or Smartphone. Simple isn’t it? Hope this article helps you to send the fax without any problem. If you have any issues let us know in the comments box below and we will get back to you to resolve any questions as soon as possible.