How to search your WhatsApp chat history?

The good thing about WhatsApp is that you can quickly connect with a friend (or a contact in your phonebook) and start chatting immediately. The group chat feature makes it easier for many people to connect and chat with each other. As many people start chatting in real time, it is very easy for a single message to get lost in the thread. Fortunately, WhatsApp comes with a search feature that makes it easy for you to search your archive history. This search feature is hidden from view, and most people don’t realize it until they dive deeper into Settings. Here is how you can search through your archive history in WhatsApp.

Note : This tutorial is done on an Android device. The iOS version of WhatsApp doesn’t seem to come with the search feature. For iOS users, you can try Whatool to find your WhatsApp chat history.

How to search your WhatsApp chat history?

1. In WhatsApp, go to the chat where you want to search for the archived message.

2. Press the Option button (the button with three vertical dots).


3. In it you should see a “Search” option. Select it.


4. A search box should appear at the top. Now type in the text you want to search for.


WhatsApp will then search the archive history and highlight the search term. You can then press the up / down arrow next to the search field to go to the previous / next search result.


That’s all.