How to save WhatsApp status without taking screenshots

Let’s take a look at the method for save whatsapp status without taking screenshots in using a simple app that will record the status screen for you. So take a look at the complete guide discussed below to continue.

For the users, it may not be easy to find the way to get the state saving feature on the WhatsApp. Just make sure you read all of the information in this article. It’s all up to you now, if you’re interested you can start reading the main part of this post, unless you can stop reading now. Let’s start!

How to save WhatsApp status without taking screenshots

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to use an application that will help you implement it. And follow the step by step guide below described below to continue.

Steps to Save WhatsApp Status Without Taking Screenshots

# 1 It’s simple to achieve the results, you might be able to save the status on the WhatsApp not to mention the screenshots. For this you must first go to the status page on WhatsApp, tap on the name of the contact for whom you want to save the status. The status of that particular person will be loaded so you can save it to your device. Follow the next steps to find out how you can save the status now.

# 2 In this step you will need to download the Status Saver for WhatsApp , this app is available for users on the internet or in app stores. Just search for this app and then download it to your device. Just go to the next step after successful installation of the suggested app.

# 3 Make use of the app and open it, you will be asked if the status is video or photo, select the media type which is exactly the same for the status you have seen and that you are ready to download. As if the status is an image file, choose the app image rather than video for the video status.

# 4 The same status you just saw in the WhatsApp will now be visible in the app after the step above, there you should go and select the Download button in order to catch up with the download for that particular status on the screen. Immediately after pressing the download button, your status will start saving to your device storage. You can check the downloaded status in the gallery or the system file manager!

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