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How to save video captures from your computer screen?

How to save video captures from your computer screen?

Computer screen capture video

Whether it is to film you playing a video game or to help a friend or colleague by showing him a computer procedure, video can be a good way to convey information quickly and easily. On the computer, there are several ways to do this, so let’s just show you how to save video captures from your computer screen.

How to speed up the startup of your computer?

Format Factory, the ideal software for capturing videos

To start, download Format Factory and install it. Beware of sponsors during installation and during the first launch!

Once launched, on the left of the screen, select Screen recording :

record your screen

A mask will then appear:

record screen with sound

To start recording, press the F6 key on your keyboard and then press F8 to stop recording. To save you from having to search for the video, the folder containing it will automatically appear.

Small subtlety, you can use the second button to limit the recording to a specific window. In this case, click on the button with the dotted orange frame then select The window in the drop-down menu, then click in the window of the software that you want to register.

screen capture window

The shooting will now be confined to the selected window, this feature is particularly useful when you do tutorials to focus only on the training and not on your wallpaper or on the files and shortcuts lying around on your desktop.

How to share your videos without connection?